Drones For Hire

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The drones for hire, are sometimes called an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or unmanned aircraft system (UAS), is an autonomous or remotely piloted aircraft. The two main types of drones are the multicopter and fixed-wing. Multicopters are able to hover and fly at very low speeds and altitudes, making them suitable for applications such as aerial photography, power line inspections, aerial video and real estate photography. Fixed-wing drones are useful for high-altitude or long-range applications such as search and rescue, surveying and mapping large areas.


Why look for drones for hire? There are many civilian applications for drones. These include tasks that formerly required the use of full-size, manned aircraft. Some examples are: Aerial photography, Aerial video, Surveying, Mapping, Precision agriculture, Environmental monitoring, Thermal / infrared imaging, Infrastructure and roof inspections, Real estate photography, Crop scouting, Wildlife research & management, Search and rescue, Security, Emergency response.


Drones are: cheaper to build, maintain and operate than a manned aircraft, and these savings can be passed on to the client; better for the environment; they cause less noise and air pollution, and use significantly less fuel / energy; able to fly at much lower altitudes and speeds than manned aircraft, enabling them to capture higher quality images; capable of missions that would be dangerous or impossible for manned aircraft, such as flying in close proximity to wildfires and high-voltage power lines. There are many companies who offer drones for hire in the UK, USA and Australia.